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Sacred Womb mug

Sacred Womb mug

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The Sacred Womb

Indulge in your morning ritual with this divine mug.

Similar to the traditional sacred heart depiction, this sacred womb design is rich with symbolism: A piercing sword, representing pain endured, a divine glow emphasizing an outpouring of love, and the crown of thorns replaced with a laurel of leaves symbolizing rootedness and growth. The ovaries have been replaced with hydrangeas, each of their four petals reminding us of our four inner seasons or menstrual phases. The traditional cross has been turned into an Egyptian ankh, which is the symbol for life, that the womb brings. It emerges out of a blue lotus flower which is known to be an aphrodisiac, calms depression, and aids in deep sleep, that which are all a great benefit to our sacred wombs. 

.: White ceramic
.: 11oz (0.33 l)
.: Rounded corners
.: C-Handle

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