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The Mystical Womb

Menstrual Moon Charting box set

Menstrual Moon Charting box set

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Imagine a world where we honor the menstrual cycle, give it the space it demands, and give ourselves the time and rest we need to continue thriving in a society that demands our productivity and attention. You can start feeling that inner magic and peace, and this box set is a great tool to pave the way. 
Contains: My double book set of “The Cycle: A Map of You” which has full tutorials, examples, and lots of bonus information about the moon, zodiac cycle, and the menstrual cycle. Comes with 3 months worth of blank charts in the workbook. Other items to boost the magic: A hand crafted womb candleholder with a matching crescent moon, a red spell candle (Please use caution and read warning labels before burning a candle in this holder) a red pen, a uterus sticker, uterus button/pin, sticky tabs for placeholders in your workbook, a small crystal (bloodstone) and a lava rock for your favorite essential oils. Total box size is 8”x10”x2.75”

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