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Cycle Tracking Moon Phase Wall Calendar

Cycle Tracking Moon Phase Wall Calendar

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Did you know the average menstrual cycle length is the same as one full cycle of the moon?  This calendar allows you to track your menstrual cycle, fertility, moon phases, and more. It is not exclusive to menstruating women. It can be used during and after menopause, if you don’t have a womb, and it is highly encouraged as a tool for hormonal health and self discovery if you are transgender. 

Included in this special calendar are tips on tracking fertility naturally, information on what each moon phase means, information on the 4 phases of the menstrual cycle and your inner seasons,  fun “did you know…?” facts, and more! Each month has an interactive wheel chart with the moon phases and zodiac shifts already included (all in EST) and allows you to focus on tracking whatever you feel is beneficial to you.

Total calendar size is 9”x11” with spiral binding, unopened.


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